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7 Steps For A Healthy Trading Experience

7 Steps For A Healthy Trading Experience
There are many ways to trade, but there are just a few ways to open a transaction correctly. And this is one way you wouldn’t want to miss. Buckle up for a blog full of trading insight and eye-opening tips, straight from the trading world. All traders, from the less all the way to the highly experienced ones should read this blog to advance their game.
Needless to say, if you’re relatively new to the world of trading, this is a blog post you should definitely read. It includes the steps you need to take to open a transaction, weighing in the facts and data you gather from trustworthy sources.
However, if you’re trading like most people are breathing, then this is a blog post you might also benefit from reading, from the fact that it will give you a chance to reassess the most basic steps of trading, from a knowledgeable point of view.
Read this if you want to upgrade your strategies, checking the news and what are some verified news-sources, following the economic releases calendars, all the way to ‘reading’ the charts.

Here’s what you’ll better do

  1. Make sure you find a piece of news on an asset you understand – you can choose pretty much everything, from your country’s currency, main commodities products, indices, famous shares or even cryptocurrencies – we've got over 120 such assets. Just make sure you understand its current trend and what might impact it in the coming future. Make sure you find verified news outlets like: Reuters, Bloomberg, Investing, Business Insider, Financial Times, Market Watch, Forex Factory etc.
  2. Check the chart (try adding some indicators) – the chart will tell you more about the trend of the asset up to the moment you’re checking it. If you’re a more analytical trader, you might get the whole picture and base your trades on the chart solely. If you’re good with indicators, try combining several, to double-check your assets.
  3. Check the Economic Calendar for any upcoming events that impact the asset’s trend – If the chart doesn’t quite paint the picture, try combining it with the economic calendar. As an exercise, try to see which events trigger what kind of movement. Although past events can’t be an indication of future trends, they help you practice and better understand an asset’s movements.
Keep in mind that these first three steps are interchangeable. You can even start backwards, or first from the Chart, as they serve as verification methods of one another. Experienced traders can even make sense of asset’s trends using just one of these steps. But you know what they say: practice makes perfect.

A simple analysis might not be enough

  1. Make sure you have enough margin to pursue the trades you’re planning – based on the leverage you’re using, you might hear that a handful of investors recommend using 20% of your available margin, leaving the rest as a safety net in case your scenario goes haywire. However, the truth is somewhere in the middle. You need to consider the volatility of the assets you’re trading with, the total margin available in your account as well as all the events taking place in the markets at that specific time when you’ll open the transaction.
  2. Prepare a solid Risk Management Technique – there’s no one-size-fits all strategy we can use when trading, and actively following our transactions seems to be the best solution we have. Probably only a good Risk Handling Technique can prevail, so make sure to research yours in depth.
  3. Analyse the right entry and exit strategies for a variety of scenarios. It’s not all about setting up stop loss and take profit. Consider the period you’re willing to hold the transaction open for, the events that might start influencing the trend, or whether you’re planning on changing the stop limits at all. For more information make sure to check out Michalis Webinars.

Don’t forget to invest in your knowledge and…

  1. Trade – based on what you expect to happen next in the markets, buy – if you anticipate the asset’s value to rise, or sell – if you think the asset’s value will drop.
If any of the above points give you a headache, make sure you follow our webinars, held by eXcentral’s Market Analyst, Michalis Efthymiou. And for more information make sure to ask your Account Manager to arrange a 1-on-1 with Michalis, it might surprise you how much he knows about investing.
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Some rules for Successful Trading

Forex trading is thrilling, accessible, instructive, and it offers immense opportunities to make money. Forex trading is similar to any other business in the world that involves risk, expenses, profit and management. Over 90% of traders loose in the market despite of the huge volatility and volume. Self-learning can be harmful for you if you are doing it without any limits. So, you must have a guide on how to get success in Forex trading. In the journey, to be a profitable Forex trader, you have to be target oriented and disciplined. When it comes to forex trading, the first thing that you need to do is understand the Forex trading and Forex market.
You have to be realistic if you want to achieve your goals related to your returns in forex. In order to be a successful trader there should be certain points that you should follow religiously. Set a goal on yourself, it could be something like 35% annual return on investment, earn 500 USD of profit, get a total of 100 pips per week. The important thing is setting a goal which is realistic and work upon those pointers to achieve consistent returns. Let’s have a look at some quick tips and tricks: 1. Discipline and planned analysis before Trading It includes everything from when to enter and when to exit, how much you are going to risk, and how much profit you are going to keep with you. You should analyze your trading style and calculate your risk as per your investment that will help you to be a achiever. These rules will guide you to trade right way. 2. Create different situations in your mind Creating all the different situations, winning and losing in your mind and the technique that you are going to use it after these situations, will make you become natural and habitual to Forex Trading. 3. Analyze your trading Analyzing your trading at the end of each day will help you in grading yourself in trading. This way you will be able to point ouSome Rule of Successful Tradingt your weakness. By analyzing yourself you will be able to see yourself whether you are working according to your rules or just lying to yourself. Treat your trading as your business, because you will have to face expenses, risks, stress and emotional trauma at a time. Keep this in your mind that a good trading needs to be in habits. One winning result doesn’t make you a professional and perfect trader. Hence practice it wisely. Always practice your strategies on a demo account before you are ready to risk your hard earned money. This will help you improve your trading without losing any money. Once you have a strategy and knowledge in place, you are good to get started with your real money and real profits. Keep in mind that financial markets are unpredictable and you need to have a way to keep the odds in your favor if you want to get success in your trading journey. The most successful traders are the most disciplined one. Trades Factory has a verified record of financial strength and consistency with innovative resources and leading this financial industry forward. Assuring you to earn your trust and dependability by delivering an outstanding trading experience with greater execution and steady cost.
Happy Trading!
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My favorite things for option traders

  1. option stack: historical options backtesting. Stop guessing and start testing your crazy ideas.
  2. alta 5 : automated options trading integrated with TD Ameritrade. Automate strategies.
  3. Think or Swim Volatility step: Analyze tab >Risk profile > click lines drop down > click vol step > 4 + vol step, then click the step drop down and do -5.0 for decreasing volatility. This allows you to see how volatility affects the p&L of a trade.
  4. Think or Swim: earnings tab, see if Implied volatility was right or wrong. aka did premium sellers win or lose by earnings date.
  5. Call your broker and negotiate a lower commission. Free money if you already trade frequently.
  6. Index options, Futures & Futures options are taxed favorably if you are in a taxable account.
  7. Futures options are not subject to 25k minimum PDT ( pattern day trader rule)
  8. Recognia classic pattern scan, sends you emails so you dont have to scan the universe of stocks.
  9. Tip Ranks for fundamental research. "stock gurus" have an actual track record now
  10. Economic Calendars: must have when you are daytrading. Forex Factory for an international economic calendar for when i dip my toe into currency options. Misses some domestic stuff so the Bloomberg calendar works well for those missing pieces. https://www.forexfactory.com/ https://www.bloomberg.com/markets/economic-calendar
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